New Found Love

Here again, after a huge gap. Thanks to my phone. Yes, I’m in love with my phone so much that it deserves a page in history. It has been my support, strength and guide amidst these tough times. Ok…a tad too much now. Getting to the point, in the last seven months I’ve been asked many questions about my choice of phone. Quite understandable, since it’s a fairly new device. The Google Pixel. But majority of them wanted to know why not an iPhone? Here are my reasons to love Pixel.


Disclaimer: Beware! The iOS v Android war will not end anytime soon. So don’t break your head and mine because I’m not here to prove a point. 

 1. Unlimited Storage

Have you ever seen a batsman’s eyes before he hits a six? That was my expression when I first read about the unlimited storage in Pixel. I’m one of those many guys who owns a DSLR for no reason. After using it for 6 years, I realized I’ve taken more photos on my mobile. The effort in storing all these photos or taking a constant back up to clear up space is something my lazy bones didn’t appreciate. So, when Google offered unlimited storage for photos taken on Pixel, it felt like a free upgrade to business class. 7 months with Pixel now, and no storage issues w.r.t photos so far. And I’m using the 32GB model.

2. Camera

I take a lot of shitty photos, but shit needs to be clear, period. I read about the phone’s camera rating here and prepared myself to try it hands-on. I’ve taken a lot of selfies over the years and they all turned out good, but pixel made me realize how gruesome my face is. That’s when I knew this phone can capture an object as it is. It can take great photos in low-light conditions too without any lag.

3. Pure Android Experience

Because I’m selfish, I want to receive the software updates as and when they roll out, and Pixel promised updates for next 2 years at least. That’s all I wanted. I felt betrayed when Motorola didn’t provide the Nougat update to my previous phone (Moto G 3rd Gen). Plus I’ve seen other devices which customized the OS with their own apps and styles, way more than what I wanted. I wanted a simple and clean android OS.

4. Display & UI

I don’t like big fonts. Apart from Samsung, no other major android phone had this option of reducing both the font size and display size on the phone. The pixel made minor tweaks to its UI and display which definitely pleased my eye. Hands down, there’s no competition to Apple when it comes to UI, but Google almost made it with Pixel.

5. Google Assistant

At first, I thought this would be more or less like Siri. I had an iPhone for 4 years, and apart from asking a lot of stupid questions to Siri, I used it to set alarms once in a while. It had a hard time understanding my accent. I believed Google had an edge here because the voice search worked pretty well even before the assistant was launched. Siri is witty while the assistant sounds more like a robot. Then why do I prefer the latter? Imagine you had a personal secretary/assistant at work. What do you use them for? Definitely, you won’t play around with them asking silly questions. You just need them to get the task done. Google assistant made my life easy that way. You know the phrase ‘bhavano ko samjho, that’s what assistant did. It not only understood my voice but also the intention behind it. Ok, maybe, I exaggerated a bit but now I use it to call friends, setup reminders, send short messages, for navigation, take screenshots and sometimes to play games. It does a lot more too, which you can figure out for yourself online.

Well, I think those are my top reasons. Now, you might say the Pixel is not waterproof, has got only one speaker, doesn’t have a great body design etc. Yes true, but I have no intention to dive into a pool with my phone. I don’t go around blaring my phone speakers in public spaces. And we are used to mobile cases which completely hide the design.

Wow, that’s almost 700 words about my phone and too much to attract an evil eye. I should consider getting a case like the one below. Later!



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