There was a cold day…

I haven’t experienced snow. I haven’t experienced sub zero temperatures. I never lived in antarctica. As a hyderabadi, I never thought i’d rant about weather. This winter has been exceptional though. I always loved winters but this season I realised how much I underestimated the power of winters. I even wore thermals for the first time ever.

Every object lying around is cold. I get down from bed and the floor sends a cold current through my legs. I struggle to stand near the wash basin while brushing my teeth; although most of us like to walk around the entire house while brushing teeth. Hot water becomes cold too soon and clothes, instead of offering us protection, have become lethal.

I had been to agra last week and the experience was no less than a nightmare. It looked like Sun had asked rain to hold the fort while he went on a long vacation. A very bad choice, I must say.

Soon as I came back to hyderabad, I saw people wearing surgical masks and talking about vaccinations to prevent swine flu. I don’t think the ground situation is too bad, yet these hospitals and clinics are exploiting our suspicion. Give a chance, they might even quarantine cases of common cold.

Hoping for a deadly summer this year.


Q: How did the English guy ask his Hindi servant to open the door?

A: There was a cold day!


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