As Good As Dead

When I started writing blogs, almost 8 years ago, my only aim was to entertain the reader. I dreamt of creating ‘energy’ through this medium. I had a quote on the sidebar, back then on blogger, “one post a day keeps boredom away”. I had so much to write when I was in college. I thought my readership will grow once I start working as I assumed an entire organization might start following my blog. How stupid was I. Things changed..err, in fact my thinking changed after I started working. I had more to complain than to write. Frequency of my posts came down year after year and the inspiration to write further took a beating when some guys suggested that I should write columns for Deccan Chronicle or The Times of India, because I always considered them as substandard. I know my language skills aren’t that great too. These days I write because I have a blog and I don’t want to delete it. I’m supplying it with enough words to survive but it’s as good as dead. Will it come back alive? Sachin Tendulkar knows!


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