Kya tho bhi!

Any event that is being discussed more than required starts to annoy me. A lot of such events/processes are already discussed at work which are unavoidable. You like it or not, sometimes, you have to be part of a never ending conversation. That’s the problem with words. A picture with a beautiful caption attracts more eyes than a picture with no caption. Over the last few weeks, there have been many such events that went viral. Terrorist attacks, Dhoni’s retirement, outrage over PK, New Year, etc.

Is it really so important to have an opinion on everything? The moment you choose to be silent, it’s misunderstood as being ignorant. I’ve seen expressions on few faces which are like ‘how can you be so calm and not react?’. You like it or not, you got to have an opinion. Debating about an event on any social platform is just pointless. It just never ends. There’s just so much anger everywhere. The 9 PM news hour is one of the best example. Our approach itself concerning. We need people who can make a story out of nothing, who can engage audience to run a show, like big boss, that is of no help. There are just so many things. Not sure if i’m over-reacting or the world has indeed become a weird place to live in.


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